The Inside of a Hippah in New Zealand from Captain Cooks Travels engraving by John Webber

Image Size: 10.00" x 16.00" ( 25cm x 41cm )
Actual Size: 16.50" x 22.00" ( 42cm x 56cm )
Medium: Engraving


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The Inside of a Hippah in New Zealand is from the 1784 First Edition Atlas Accompanying Capt. James Cook and King; Third and Final Voyage of Captain James Cook John Webber (1752-1793) was the official artist for the third voyage of Captain James Cook (1728-1779). The purpose of this voyage was to discover the Northwest Passage and to explore the Pacific Ocean north of the Equator. These engravings were published in 1784-85 by G. Nichol and Thomas Cadell of London in the four large format atlas, Voyage to the Pacific Ocean. Captain Cook was an extraordinary explorer known for discovering and mapping unknown territory and for his many contributions to the scientific world. These original engravings from Webber’s drawings and paintings are only a glimpse into this great man’s historical contributions that make him one of the greatest explorers of all times.

This image shows an open marae area of a pa, with low houses around the edge of the area, a brushwood palisade and the sea and hills beyond. In the foreground are two groups of Maori, one including a man leaning on a spear with others seated at his feet, the other with two men or women seated. The foreground area with the pa is thought to be Cook’s ‘Hippah Island’, a now unnamed islet just south of Motuara Island in Queen Charlotte Sound, looking north, with the steep sides of Motuara Island rising beyond the pa.   This engraving is in good condition.