Russo -Japanese War – Struggle at Hatsusekan at Port Arthur ( Ryojun Ko ) by Kiyochika Kobayash 1904

Actual Size: 28 3/8 x 14 1/2
Medium: Woodblock print


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Russo-Japanese War-Struggle at Hatsusekan at Port Arthur (Ryojun Ko) 1904 by the Japanese artist Kiyochika Kobayashi
is a woodblock print depicting a wounded officer on the ship being carried by medical personals.
This print has a short margin on the left and top of print. No border on right and bottom.In good condition.

Among the genre of Japanese war prints the ones by Kiyochika Kobayashi (1847 – 1915) have been regarded as the best in artistic quality. The success of Japanese wood-block print production lies in its team work. An artist,an engraver,a printer and a publisher collaborate to make around 200 or 250 impressions until the final print is produced.Prints can be identified by their signature and seal (or sensor seal) as well as by the title. The artist’s signature is often written in brush work, whereas the seals are clearly found in vermilion. In addition to the artist’s signature, the engraver and the publisher’s name and address are stamped on or outside the illustration. Most of the publishers of these prints were once located in Tokyo. Most war prints were designed as triptychs- a set of three panels. On today’s art market, they are found either as a set of three separate panels or the panels are pasted together. During the Sino-Japanese war (1894-1895) and up to the beginning of the period of the Russo-Japanese war, print production was revived dramatically. This boom was caused both by the artists successfully publicizing their work, and by a public delighted to see the triumphant progress of the Japanese depicted in art. While newspapers were only available to the elite and intellectuals, the general public relied upon the prints, which were relatively affordable.