Regal Flower Arrangement original lithograph by Alessandro Nastasio

Actual Size: 27.75 x 19.75
Medium: Original Lithograph


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Regal Flower Arrangement is an original limited edition( 25/50 ) lithograph by Alessandro Nastasio. A large vase of purple flowers and lots of greenery in set on a purple table and is exploding with color and energy.

Alessandro Nastasio was born in Milan in 1934. In 1952 he followed the “free school of the nude” led by  Aldo Salvatori. In 1960 he attended the Atelier of Giorgio Upilio where Giacometti, Lam, Fontana, De Chirico worked and  where he had the opportunity to study the themes of the inspiring myths. He worked at the MAF foundry with the master Tullio Figini who shared the secrets of the lost wax Renaissance fusion and where he met the masters Crocetti,  Manfrini, Manzu , Minguzzi, Fabbri,. He then moved on to Quinto de Stampi at the De Andreis foundry where Marino Marini, Pomodoro, Rudy Wach, Strebelle, Negri and Rosental operated. A regular reader of the great sapienzal texts of antiquity, he trained in particular on the Bible which he illustrated with woodcuts, aquatints, etchings and linocuts, especially the Song of Songs, the book of Ecclesiastes and several pages of the Gospels He also drew his inspiration from the philosophical-religious tradition of the Eastern world through the reading of Rig-Veda, Upanisad and the Matnavi of Rumi. In 1966-67 he obtained the chair at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and for thirty years he devoted himself to the teaching of Art Education in various schools.

  Nastasio created works both pictorial and plastic in collaboration with famous architects such as: Figini and Pollini, De Carli, Gardella, Faranda, Selleri, Ponti. His great talent soon came to the attention of various art dealers: first Max G. Bollag of Zurich and Paul Marmaridis of Athens and later Georges Zeenny of Beiruth who bought his works and included him among the great masters of contemporary art. He has exhibited in numerous solo shows in Italy and abroad, including the last ones: in 2013, Verdi Meetings and Suggestions (1813-1913), Spazio Oberdan, Milan and Trezzo sull’Adda; Anthology of bronzes and paintings presented by Laura Bosio, Municipality of Pessano con Bornago; in 2014 Bronze Portal “Porta Fidei”, SS. Martyrs Nazaro and Celso, presentation by Renzo Sala.
  Nastasio lives and works in Milan.