Raphael “Le Marriage De La Vierge”

Actual Size: 35.50" x 22.00" ( 90cm x 56cm )
Medium: Original Lithograph
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Raphael Le Marriage De La Vierge is from the series Changes in Great Masterpieces.  In this series of six graphics in full color, Master Dali has given us a concept most original and provocative. His contention is that we “look” but actually do not “see” all the details in a work of art. For this reason Dali has honored six great paintings by selecting their work on which he has made certain changes to tantalize the viewer into studying and comparing the original with his graphic work; a facsimile of the original painting appears on the graphic for this purpose. To further give us an example of Dalinean wit, he has added a “remark” on each graphic in the form of an original lithograph relating to the actual subject. A superb edition. Le Marriage De La Vierge is signed in pencil and is in excellent condition. Published by Sidney Lucas, New York. Limited edition 333/350.