Purple Martin Bien Edition by J.J. Audubon Rare Chromolithograph

Actual Size: 39.50 x26.50
Medium: Chromolithograph


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Two adult Purple Martins are feeding their two fledglings at the nest. This chromolithograph is from¬†the ” Birds of America” by John James Audubon and is considered to be the single greatest ornithological work ever produced. In 1858, seven years after the death of his father, John Woodhouse Audubon decided to reissue this great set of prints. Julius Bien, as printer for the second edition, used the newest and most modern technique of the time, chromolithography, and printed what is considered to this day to be one of the finest examples of this process. Of the original set of 435 images only about 150 plates and 100 sets, for what is known as the Bien Edition, was completed when printing was interrupted by the onset of the Civil War. The Bien edition of the Birds of America , printed by an American publishing house and very limited in availability, is a rare and great addition to any bird lovers collection.This print is in very good condition with a couple of very small tears in the margin.