Presse Ludovico Mirri Mercante d’Quadri incentro al Palazzo Bernini a Roma No. 42

Image Size: 20 X 22
Actual Size: 24 X 28.50
Medium: engraving


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Presse Ludovico Mirri Mercante d’Quadri incontro al Palazzo Bernini a Roma No.42 is from a series of original engravings published by Lodovico Mirri in the late 18th century and engraved by the Italian print maker Marco Gregorio Carloni ( 1742-1796 ). These copper engravings were based on the drawings made by Francesco Smuglewicz ( 1745-1807 ) of the frescoes which had been uncovered in the ruins of Nero’s House of Gold ‘ Domus Aureus ‘ situated between the Palatine and Esquiline Hills and designed by architects Severus and Celer after the great fire that destroyed Rome. This album of engravings  …Vesrgia delle terme di Tito e loro interne pitture….was published in the late eighteenth century depicting the  ‘al fresco’ and ‘al stucco’ murals of Nero’s Domus Aureus. In 1480, practically forgotten, the Domus was excavated, and its subterranean passages and rooms thereafter became known as ‘le grotte’ (cave). Many of its original frescoes survived, and their motifs and ancient style of ornamentation, called ‘grotteschi’ (grotesque) after ‘grotte’, became extremely popular during the Renaissance, influencing many prominent artists such as Raphael, Michelangelo, Ghirlandaio, and Pinturicchio. This original engraving is in good condition with a little bit of ragged edges and a natural crease in the center margins.