Persistence of Memory from Changes of Great Masterpieces by Salvador Dali

Actual Size: 40 x 38.50
Medium: Original Lithograph

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Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali , an original signed limited edition (281/350 ) lithograph is one of six lithographs from the series Changes in Great Masterpieces published by Phyllis Lucas,1974. In this series of six original lithographs in full color, Master Dali has given us a concept most original and provocative. His contention is that we “look” but actually do not “see” all the details in a work of art. For this reason Dali has honored six great paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Raphael, and Velasquez and of course himself on which he has made certain changes to tantalize the viewer into studying and comparing the original with his graphic work. A facsimile of each original painting appears at the bottom of each sheet for this purpose. To further give us an example of Dalinean wit, he has added a “remark” on each graphic in the form of an original lithograph relating to the actual subject.

Master Dali painted the original Persistence of Memory in 1931 at the height of the Surrealist Movement and his painting consequently became a well-known symbol for that movement. Such an avant-garde image with all it’s symbology captured the imagination of people all around the world and that influence still persists today. Dali challenges the viewer by creating works that appear realistic at first glance because of his superior draughtsmanship and yet the subject matter invokes disturbing dreamlike atmospheres with unrealistic subject matter. A quote from Dali …Surrealism is destructive but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.

A few notes about the image. The rocky landscape is inspired by the coastal cliffs Cap de Creus near the artist’s home in Catalonia. The shadow that creeps across the landscape is thought to be cast by Mount Pani a mountain near the artists family summer home. The anthropomorphic  face-like the shape on the ground is thought to be a self-portrait of the artist. The melting clocks or soft watches questions the meaning of time and our perception of it. The original Persistence of Memory can be viewed at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC where it was donated by an anonymous donor in 1934. It has been said that during a lecture there Dali himself said that the public could rest content with their difficulty in understanding the work since the artist himself did not know what it meant either.

Persistence of Memory from the Changes in Great Masterpieces  series is archival framed with a hand made linen mat and is in excellent condition.