Leonor Fini Erotica I Etching

Image Size: 15.50 x 12.50
Actual Size: 26 x 20.25
Medium: Etching


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Erotica I Etching by Leonor Fini depicting three woman and three men interacting in various ways. One woman sitting in the front is playing a lute. This is a signed limited edition etching numbering 1 out of 10. The paper is very fibrous and the paper size is 17.75 x 25 Image size 11.75 x 15.75. This rare original etching is in excellent condition.
Argentinian-born artist Leonor Fini (1907-1996) is considered one of the great female artists of the twentieth century. She moved to Paris in the early 1930’s where she spent most of her life and almost immediately formed friendships with Salvador Dali, Cartier- Bresson, Max Ernst and other intellectuals of the time. At twenty five she had her first one person show in Paris and was included in the 1936 pivotal exhibition at MOMA…Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism…..and that same year had an exhibition at a famous avant garde gallery in New York. Although Fini never considered herself a Surrealist she maintained close personal relationships with several members of the group. One can see how their ideology influenced her work but she remained firmly rooted in the tradition of Symbolism, Metaphysics and Italian and German Romanticism Her works can be found in most important collections of modern art around the world.
Fini was renowned as a portraitist and as a painter of erotic sexual tensions with a mysterious atmosphere. She was adamant about being independent and not belonging to any one group. She lived life on her own terms and is sometimes referred to as …..the female Dali. She was also involved with designing for fashion and creating elaborate sets for opera and theatre. As a feminist she was definitely ahead of the times. She produced the first erotic male nude ever painted by a woman in 1942 had many lovers male and female and led a flamboyant and celebrated life.