Love That Sails Forever lithograph by Nichita Alexandra 2001

Actual Size: 39 x 31`


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Love That Sails Forever by Nichita Alexandra is a limited edition ( 85 /249  ) lithograph on Arches paper and signed in pencil by the artist , published 20001. Included in the lower left margin is the embossed  mark of the publisher Mourlot Atelier and the personal mark of the artist of a dove and hands releasing peace throughout the world. Love That Sails Forever depicts a female form floating in colors of yellow, reds, greens and blues. On her left are two flag like shapes with her initials A. N and her bother Maximillian’s M. N. with a couple of hearts floating between them. In her right hand she is holding what could be a heart full of flowers. In the lower right corner are two fish blowing bubbles , one seemingly about to nibble the woman’s foot. The golden colors with hints of red surrounding the woman could represent the glow of sunshine and love. All of this is expressed in Nechita’s iconic cubist style. Love that Sails Forever is in excellent condition and is framed in a burnished gold frame with a one inch silver inner border on  a white mat and a 1/8 inch gold fillet.  This original lithograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Certificate of Appraisal from 2004.

American-Romanian artist Alexandra Nichita born in 1985 was labeled by the media as a child prodigy and compared to Picasso at the young age of nine years when she was offered an exhibit at the prestigious California gallery the Mary Paxton Gallery. Her sophisticated abstract cubist style earned her the respect of the art world which began labeling her  “Petite Picasso”. By the time she was ten years old she had eight solo exhibitions and went on to become known and collected all over the world with her paintings going for $100,000 and more. Her list of exhibitions and collectors to date is so extensive I will not list them here.  Nichita is best known for her original paintings, serigraphs and lithographs. She also works in a variety of mediums including bronze and glass sculpture. She graduated from UCLA in 2008 with a degree in Fine Arts and currently lives in Los Angeles.