La Roulette in the Casino, from Monte Carlo, 2nd Serie, by SEM

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Actual Size: 18 x 27.25
Medium: Color print


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La Roulette in the Casino, from Monte Carlo from -Album n.15 – Planche n.12  is an original vintage reprint from the 1920 color lithograph by French caricaturist George Gourset [SEM] (1863 – 1934) . SEM was famous during the Belle Epoque period and was well known for his caricatures of many of the famous personalities of the times including Coco channel, Giacomo Puccini and John Pierpont Morgan. La Roulette is a caricature of many individuals named here: Maurice BERTRAND, Alphonse de ROTHSCHILD, Santos DUMONT, REJANE, M.LALONDE, Eva MORAINE, M.GOUSTICAIRE, Comtesse PETHION, ROCHEFORT, X, Prince PONIATOWSKI, Lina CAVALIERI, M. NORMAND, Henry BERNSTEIN, Vicompte de la REDORTE, Maurice EPHRUSSI, POLAIRE, M.POLOTZOFF, 3 croupiers, Duc de DINO, Prince BATTHYANY .  La roulette is an old reprint and is in good condition.