La Roulette, Casino de Monte Carlo reprint by SEM

Actual Size: 19 x 27
Medium: Color print


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La Roulette, Casino De Monte Carlo by George Goursat  (also know as SEM) is n older  reprint  from Album  n. 15  Plate. 12. This is a caricature of a group of distinguished  French society patrons at the roulette table with a large amount of coins and bills  displayed on the table next to  the roulette wheel. The following is a list of the participants:   Maurice BERTRAND, Alphonse de ROTHSCHILD, Santos DUMONT, REJANE, M.LALONDE, Eva MORAINE, M.GOUSTICAIRE, Comtesse PETHION, ROCHEFORT, X, Prince PONIATOWSKI, Lina CAVALIERI, M. NORMAND, Henry BERNSTEIN, Vicompte de la REDORTE, Maurice EPHRUSSI, POLAIRE, M.POLOTZOFF, 3 croupiers, Duc de DINO, Prince BATTHYANY.
  George Goursat ( 1863 – 1934 ) was a French caricaturist from the Belle Epoch era  signing  as “SEM” possibly in tribute to a caricaturist he admired Amedee de Noe who also signed his name in short as Cham. He became associated with Parisian society and drew upon this connection for some of his illustrations. SEM had a very successful career as an illustrator and writer. He wrote many articles about the theater, fashion, travel and art. He also drew subjects from the race tracks, sailing and opera.