Carte Particuliere Des Costes De Normandie Depuis Jusqu’a La Pointe De La Percee en Bessin

Image Size: 23 x 33.50
Actual Size: 25 x 37.50
Medium: Hand Colored Engraving


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Carte Particuliere Des Costes De Normandie Depuis Dieppe Jusqu’a La Pointe De La Percee En Bessin. Faite Par Ordre Exprez Du Roy De France is from the collection of charts produced  by Pierre Mortier and Huibert Jaillot titled Le Neptune Francois, 1693.  This large scale chart shows the coast of France from Sainte Mere-Englise to Dieppe also showing  the soundings and shorelines along the English Channel which includes Bayeux and Rouen.  Mortier re-engraved the plates after the original French prototype Neptune François by Charles Pène and others in an edition and added to the titles  “Levée et Gravée par ordre du Roy à Paris 1693” though they were engraved, coloured and published in Amsterdam by Mortier.

       Pierre Mortier (1661-1711) was a cartographer, engraver and print seller. Mortier grew up in Amsterdam and moved to Paris in 1681 where he got into the book trade. In 1685 he moved back to Amsterdam where he specialized in French books. Mortier’s French connections gave him access to most of the famous French cartographers. He began to issue high quality editions of previously printed contemporary French maps. His greatest achievement was the nautical atlas Le Neptune Francois. Mortier’s charts are considered some of the most beautiful sea charts ever made.This hand-colored engraving  is in very good condition with the original fold and minor foxing.