Behold One As The Son of Man In The Clouds of Heaven from Biblia Sacra by Salvador Dali

Actual Size: 19 x 13.75
Medium: Lithograph


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Behold, One As The Son Of Man In The Clouds Of Heaven is an explosion of energy representing the storm in Daniel’s vision of the coming of the Messiah depicting the four Kingdoms of Man that will fall to the Messiah. We see an ostrich in the foreground and a winged creature almost leaping off the page. Two figures are in the background which probably represent the Messiah in red with his left arm extended holding a cross and the Virgin in blue with a halo by his side. Behold, One As The Son Of Man In The Clouds Of Heaven, is a colored lithograph from the original gouache on heavy rag paper and is from Salvador Dali’s five volume Biblia Sacra Suite published in Rome by Rizzoli , 1965-1969. This work is included in Albert Field ‘s The Official Catalog of the Graphic Works of Salvador Dali and is in excellent condition.

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marquis of Dalí de Púbol (11 May 1904 – 23 January 1989), was a Spanish surrealist artist of Catalan ethnicity born in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain. One of the most famous artists that has ever lived Dali was a prolific creator working in many mediums such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, writing , multi media , photography and filmmaking to name a few. He had an eccentric personality and with his exceptional skill as a draftsman and his unusually imaginative view of the world Dali captured the attention of the public wherever his work was displayed. He created his own personal philosophy which he called paranoid critical a state in which one could simulate delusion while still maintaining one’s sanity which influenced the Surrealist movement. Dali’s world of tapping into the unconscious using symbolism filled with themes from religion, death, eroticism and decay has fascinated even those who were not frequent art lovers. Dali was a great showman and loved being adored by his public. But needless to say he had the talent to sustain his popularity even after his death.