AYX Map of Aix en Provence, France by J. Blaeu 17th c.

Actual Size: 22.50 x 27
Medium: Hand Colored Engraving


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Detailed plan of Aix en Provence, in France. This print is a hand -colored double sheet engraving by the famous cartographer Joan (Johannes) Blaeu ( 1596 – 1673 ). The left side of the sheet is a detailed map of the city of Aix en Provence and the left side is of a Roman arch.
Joan Blaeu and his father Willem Janszoon Blaeu ( 1571- 1638 ) were the most widely known cartographic publishers of the seventeenth century. Blaeu the younger published during his life three town-books of Italy: Citta del Vaticano, Rome and Napoli. By the year 1672 a fire largely destroyed the main Blaeu workshop, and much of the prepared material. However, work on the town-book continued, and in 1682 the completed work was published in Amsterdam by the heirs of Joan Blaeu. The town-book was a great success and reissued several times by different publishers in Amsterdam, as late as 1726. Pierre Mortier re-issued all the Blaeu plates in the years 1704/05 in an atlas comprising four volumes.