Anatomy of the Dragon Arum & Anatomy of the Queen Flower 1804 by Dr. Robert Thornton

Actual Size: 19.50 x 13.50
Medium: hand colored copper engraving


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Anatomy of the Dragon Arum & Anatomy of the Queen Flower  1804 by Dr. Robert Thornton from A New Illustration of the Sexual System of Linnaeus by Thornton [The Genera of Exotic and Indigenous Plants that are to be met with in Great Britain; arranged according to the reformed system, by Thornton] The Temple of Flora  1787-1810.  An offshoot of his larger masterpiece of the same title, Thornton attempted to explain Linnaean botany, as well as expound upon his own botanical theories. The work celebrates great contemporary and historical botanists and their supporters and also includes plates of many cross-sections of plant stems. Cf. Nissen BBI 1955. Both the Anatomy of the Dragon Arum and the Anatomy of the Queen flower are illustrated by Peter Charles Henderson . They are in good condition with a few small marginal tears repaired at edges and minor age appropriate  foxing. These prints are professionally and beautifully hand colored.

Dr. Robert John Thornton  ( 1768 -1837 ) was an English physician and botanical writer  and a member of the University of Cambridge and the Royal London College of Physicians. He had a great love of botany and is best known for the his dramatic large folio plates of The Temple of Flora published in 1799. Complete volumes and even individual prints of The Temple of Flora are rare and found in the rare book rooms of museums and institutions. Although considered a masterpiece now, it was not successful at the time of publication and was never completed.