Aliyah Suite: Let Them Have Dominion

Image Size: 20.63" x 15.68" ( 52cm x 40cm )
Actual Size: 25.00" x 19.63" ( 64cm x 50cm )
Medium: Lithograph
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The Aliyah Suite: Let Them Have Dominion was created by Salvador Dali for the 20th anniversary of the founding of Israel. This  hand signed limited edition lithograph is from a set of 25 lithographs from mixed media paintings. The series also features an introduction by David Ben Gurion, a major figure in the history of Israel.  The whole quote for this image is; ” Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and the cattle and over every creeping thing ( Genesis 1.26 ). ” It is published by Shorewood Press, New York, 1968. The number of the edition is 232 out of 250. It is in good condition. There is a light sunburn mark across the very top of the upper margin.