Academie de l’Espee TAB. XXI


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  • Actual Size: 20.50″ x 29.00″
    ( 52cm x 74cm )
  • Medium: Hand Colored Engraving
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Academie de l’Espee by Girard Thibault (1574-1629) illustrates La Destreza, the Spanish School of Swordsmanship. These prints illustrate how an understanding of geometry can be applied to fencing movements and tactics using an imaginary circle surrounding the fencer. This circle is determined by the circumference of the diameter of the fencer’s body from his feet to the tip of his finger with his arm extended. Thibault, the author of the treatise, worked with a number of talented engravers to create this impressive illustrated treatise. He was not only an architect himself but also an architect and a physician. This original hand colored engraving is in good condition. the top right corner margin is missing paper. Will mat up very nicely.