Academie de l’Espee Tabula IIII by Gerard Thibault

Image Size: 20.00" x 28.13
Actual Size: 25.00" x 36.00
Medium: Hand - Colored Engraving


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Hand colored engraving from the Academie de l’Espee ( full title can be translated as Academy of the Sword: wherein is demonstrated by mathematical rules on the foundation of a mysterious circle the theory and practice of the true and heretofore unknown secrets of handling arms on foot and horseback ) by Girard Thibault ( 1574-1629 ) which illustrates La Destreza, the Spanish School of Swordsmanship. These prints illustrate how an understanding of geometry can be applied to fencing movements and tactics using an imaginary circle surrounding the fencer. This circle is determined by the circumference of the diameter of the fencer’s body from his feet to the tip of his finger with his arm extended. Thibault, the author of the treatise, worked with a number of talented engravers to create this impressive illustrated treatise. The 19th century fencing historian Egerton Castle described Academie de l’Espée as “without exception, the most elaborate treatise on swordsmanship, and probably one of the most marvelous printed works extant, from a typographic and artistic point of view”  This very handsome vibrant hand colored engraving is a re-strike of the original print in good condition apart with wide margins that shows some wear.