A Strange Mixture of Barbarism and Christianity

Image Size: 13.75" x 19.00" ( 35cm x 48cm )
Actual Size: 5.75" x 21.50" ( 40cm x 55cm )
Medium: Lithograph


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A Strange Mixture of Barbarism and Christianity –  The Celebration of San Geronomo’s Day among the Pueblo Indians is a double sheet lithograph from an December 10th 1898 Harpers Weekly depicting various scenes from the celebration.It is quite a story with the viewer having a front row seat at the ceremony from the entrance to the council chamber, carrying the Patron Saint to the Race-Track, racers at the beginning of the race and more.  An interesting and rare look into the once very private traditions of the Pueblo Indian celebrations by Ernest Leonard Blumenschein (May 26, 1874 – June 6, 1960)  an American artist and founding member of the Taos Society of Artists. He is noted for his paintings of  Native Americans and landscapes of the American Southwest and is in the collections of museums all over New Mexico and Texas.This lithograph is in good condition with the publishers center fold.